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Cage Bombs: How-To Identify & Fix A “5 O’Clock” Hitter

Okay, in all seriousness… I received an email from a reader named Garrett, …in response to a post I did, titled: “What Every Coach MUST Know About Giving Feedback To Hitters”. This post will identify and fix a “5 O’Clock” hitter…   Identifying a “5 O’Clock” Hitter What is a “5 O’Clock” Hitter? One who ONLY “shows up” for batting practice, but…

Batting Timing Drills: 2 Little Known Ways To Get “On-Time”

The Sooner You Know These Batting Timing Drills The Better Take a guess at one of the biggest hitting frustrations is, according to my readers? Timing! Probably not a shocker because your hitters probably struggle with this as well.  Mine do! I always tell my hitters, the most efficient mechanics in the world don’t mean a thing, if a hitter’s…

Imagine Coaching Youth Baseball, & Loving Every Minute Of It

8 Critical Principles to Coaching Youth Baseball Revealed And these principles don’t JUST work for coaching youth baseball. These “rules” work for coaching youth fastpitch softball as well. And the word “youth” doesn’t discriminate between a 7-year-old OR a 24-year-old.  They work at ANY level.  And ANY sport for that matter!  We’re talking principles here people 😛 This subject came up…

Babe Ruth Reveals Hand Tension?

Create Pre-Turn Hand Tension Like Babe Ruth Question: Do Relaxed Hands Really Lead to Higher Bat Speeds? Using the Zepp (Labs) Baseball app, I wanted to use the Scientific Method to analyze whether having relaxed hands or “hand-tension” – pre-turn – increases or decreases bat speed. Background Research To me, it just always looked like the all-time greats – Babe…

Batting Cages May Be Dangerous To Repeatable Power

I know you what you’re thinking, “Okay, so what’s wrong with hitting at the batting cages?“ We’ll get to that… But before we do, let me set the stage for what I’m about to share with you… A glimpse into an online hitting lesson I gave to my hitter Stephen at The Feedback Lab. I was granted permission from Kyle Harrington (Stephen’s…

Baseball Training Equipment: Where The Best Is & How To Get It

Baseball Training Equipment for Hitters: Never Suffer from Paralysis by Analysis Again I often get asked about equipment, books, and other resources to use, from coaches about hitting. From hitting aids…to hitting programs…to hitting books. There’s a potential for exponential growth in this information age, for coaches.  There’s no excuse not to succeed nowadays.  As Tony Robbins says, “Where focus…

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